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Dry Cleaning

- We clean all of your garments in our eco-friendly detergents and cleaning solutions. We appreciate the value of your garments and treat them with the upmost care. We review every care label to insure we clean your garments with the unique care needed to assure it is delivered back to you clean, fresh and ready to wear. We specialize in sequins, beads, and couture items, and treat them with the very special care they deserve. With 60 years of experience we are constantly training our team on how to properly care for your unique garments.

Our Dry Cleaning Process:

  • Inspect each garment for stains
  • Pre spot each garment before cleaning
  • Review each garment's care label for proper care
  • Re inspect each garment after cleaning to insure all spots have been removed and the garment is ready for finishing
  • Finish each garment so it looks perfect and ready to wear
  • Final inspection to make sure all buttons, accessories and hems are in place
  • Replace buttons and complete any minor alterations at no charge
  • Package garments by gender to make it easier to store in each of your closets
  • Individually package and fold all of your sweaters and ties
  • Package your suits and outfits together
  • Stuff all sleeves with tissue to insure they do not wrinkle in transporting of your garments to your house
  • Utilize our new computer system to track your orders and make sure your orders are complete and on time

Hand Finished Laundry Shirts

- We pride ourselves on our attention to detail so we can provide you with a crisp, clean and fresh shirt every time. We have a new state of the art pressing unit to insure you receive the highest quality Hand Finished Laundry Shirt. We will finish and package your shirts to your preferences like starches, creased sleeves, and boxing.

Our Finishing Process:

  • Separate colors and starches
  • Inspect each shirt prior to cleaning for spots, collar stains and cuff stains
  • Remove collar stays from your dark shirts prior to cleaning so not to leave a mark on your collar during the pressing process
  • Clean your shirts in eco-friendly detergents to insure they are gentle to your skin
  • Pressing by utilizing our new state of the art equipment
  • Inspect each shirt and Hand Finish them so you receive them crisp and wrinkle free
  • Replace all buttons
  • Replace collar stays to insure your shirts look and feel like new
  • Cross the sleeves and package them so they remain wrinkle free

Free Home & Business Delivery

- We Pick Up and Deliver twice a week to your home or business. As one our delivery customers, you will receive two personalized garment bags that we will pick up each week at your designated location and deliver them where it is most convenient for you. We bill your credit card monthly and in an effort to be "Green" we email your statement to you. We also offer "On Call Service", just call us when you need a pick up and we will have you scheduled the next time we are in your neighborhood.


- We have an alteration person on premises Monday - Friday. We perform fittings to insure your garments are altered to your specifications. Our seamstresses have years of experience and can handle your easy hems to fitting your special dress or gown to your measurements so it fits perfectly for your special occasion. We can also turn around your last minute alteration in a day, same day in some cases.

Bedding Items

- Your bedding items (comforters, bedspreads, sheets and pillow cases/shams) are carefully inspected before properly cleaning them to insure you receive them clean, bright, odorless, and crisp. Your down items are entirely dried to insure they are odorless, white and fluffy. We want you to feel the comfort of that first day you slept in them.


- Your drapes capture all the dust and dirt that accumulates in your home. We make sure they are cleaned and restored back to their original condition. We press each pleat so they are crisp and lay perfectly in your home. We also replace your hooks and can install them at your house if you like.


- We pre spot each linen to insure all your spots do not get set once finished. We have a specialized press that is the correct size to press all of your linens so they are crisp and folded ready for your next special occasion.


- We clean all sizes and materials. We inspect and spot each rug prior to cleaning. We can either clean them in one of our machines on a special cycle to insure they do not unravel, or we steam clean them. We can also pick and deliver your larger rugs to make it easier for you.

Leather & Suede

- This is the only item we currently send out to a professional company we have worked with for years. These items are restored and cleaned to insure they do not lose their color or feel.

Wedding Gown and Preservation

- We have cleaned thousands of wedding gowns and care for each of them uniquely. Once restored to its original condition we can press them for re use or properly preserve them for storage. We can also press them prior to your special occasion in one day.

Spot Cleaning

- Some items are so delicate that they require we only spot clean t

Same Day Service

- We offer Same Day Service Monday - Friday on all of our services above as long as we receive them prior to 10 a.m. Some items like bedding, leathers and gowns do take more time, but we let you know prior to leaving your item.


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